18/03/2016: CROMATERIA: Denios will be Sirca's special partner

DENIOS takes part to CROMATERIA, the exposition promoted by SIRCA at Milano Design Week 2016. Cromateria will exhibit the installations designed by architect Luca Trazzi, including the fourth wall of the cloister, realized by DENIOS.

CROMATERIA will be open to the audience from April 12 till 17, at Museo Diocesano di Milano, every day from 10 AM till midnignt.

DENIOS is a multinational corporation founded 30 years ago by entrepreneur Helmut Dennig, today recognized as a leader brand in global environmental care and for the factories that care about these subjects, counting several branches all over the World.

DENIOS Italia became a production point (not only commercial) in 1999: the historic Isola del Cantone location, near Genoa, covers a wide area of 13.000 m², and has been completely renovated in 2013. The factory has been redesigned with the purpose of reaching the highest qualitative and safety standards and optimizing the production cycles.

DENIOS catalogue includes more than 10.000 high and certified quality standard products: sumps, handling systems, standard deposits (produced in Italy, at Isola del Cantone DENIOS factory), provided insulated or fire proof with REI 120 protection. But the real heart of DENIOS lies in its Engineering’s know-how, and in developing and producing special projects, according to a market always evolving.

ASECOS, branch of DENIOS group, operates in the delicate branch of preservation and manipulation of dangerous materials, developing safety cabins, homologated and fire proof at the forefront of technology and production level.

What does the participation to CROMATERIA means to DENIOS?
DENIOS Italia's CEO Stefano Regazzoni, responsible for the extraordinary success of Italian Business Unit of Denios in the last years, answers:

We thank SIRCA for the opportunity: we consider them more than a simple supplier, they’re a real partner in business, able to propose courageous solutions for a shared maketing developement.

DENIOS is a dynamic company, capable of thinking a communication model according with its own project dimension, and CROMATERIA gives us the possibility to realize an original installation coming from our very standard product, the sump, here used as an instrument of artistic expression, more complex and articulate.

This installation will replace a wall, torn down by bombs during the WW II. We want to give this wall a new life, through a representation of two properties of Italian spirit, both present in Milan’s own soul: industry and fantasy.

DENIOS confirms its creativity, which is, for us, one of the keys of its success in business.

Industry is a common good, non economic only. Such as art, industry must produce culture as well, promoting society growth. Here at DENIOS we think this must be crucial, and thanks to CROMATERIA our brand will be able to communicate its values in a theatre of cultural and social dialogue: the Milan’s Museo Diocesano.