Professional Wood coatings

Sirca’ s product- range includes everything needed to protect and paint wood and alternative surfaces used in the furnishing and furniture accessories industry. These are specific products, designed for industrial and handicraft use, which respond to the various problems encountered when painting furniture, kitchens, chairs, casings, frames, panels, trunks and hardwood floors.

Over the past few years our research has focused on products that reduce solvent emissions into the atmosphere, thus also allowing greater productivity – UV drying products – and leading to the latest generation of waterborne products, now widely used for the exterior joinery and more and more requested also for interior use. All this innovation has occurred without sacrificing the “historical” products that made the finishes of Italian furniture famous.

The most requested products remain the polyurethane finishes of which Sirca offers a universally–renowned wide selection: our finishes – with clear, pigmented, acrylic, open- and closed-pore versions – allow the customers to optimise their selection according to personalised features and budget.

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Professional Metal coatings

Sirca spa, manufactures and markets liquid coatings for industry and
anticorrosion coatings with the brand Polistuc.
Our coating cycles, prepared according to the guidelines of UNI EN ISO 12944 regulation by technicians with FROSIO Norwegian Standard NS 476 Inspector Level III certification, cover all the areas of application from the carpentry industry located in rural areas to oil facilities and highly polluted environments.

 Main products:

  • High solids epoxy (sealer, zinc primer, intermediate products, enamel) coatings
  • Epoxy 100% V/V (solvent free) coatings
  • Surface tolerant epoxy coatings
  • Acrylic bi-component single coat, of direct hot-dip galvanized coatings. (Duplex system)
  • Polyurethane coatings for tanks 100% V/V (solvent free) SP 0188 certified NACE, ASTM D 5162, EN 12285-1.
  • Quick drying traditional (and antirust enamel) coatings.
  •  Mono and bi-component water-based acrylic coatings
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Professional Accessories

Sirca S.p.A. included in its range of products a complementary series of professional accessories, in order to enhance the offer and improve support to its customers.

Inside this section it’s possible to find out the technical information related to spray systems and their single parts.

These equipments were carefully chosen and developed together with Asturo, one of the most valuable and reliable manufacturers of professional high quality coating systems.

Sirca S.p.A. always considers customers as the key point, and it’s for this reason that constantly studies new professional technical solutions in order to respond to requests from the worldwide market.

So, we invite you to visit constantly this section of the website to find out what’s new.

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Colour Lab

In order to extend the range of professional solutions for wood painting provided to distributors and final customers, Sirca is proud to present its complete tintometrical system, called Colour Passion, which allows to reproduce a complete workstation for formulation, application, correction and quality control of solvent and water based pigmented products for wood and metal sectors. In this way it is possible to work professionally to reproduce a pigmented product as it was prepared directly in Sirca facilities.

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Professional Retail Catalogue

The final customer has to be properly supported to make it more free to choose, with the help of the Sales Network and the Technical Assistance of Sirca, the cycle suitable for its needs, wheter they are productive or techniques. This catalogue is intended to provide general information to the final user, in order to help him choose the application cycle and related products. For each substrate commonly painted in the industrial and carpentry sectors are shown several cycles, whether they are water based or solvent based. There is also an Appendix or Technical Glossary that helps to correctly read and interpret the included product families. We invite you to take a look of it and contact Sirca Technical Service for more information.

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Catalogue Provocazioni Sirca

Sirca S.p.A. presents in this brochure some new special effects studied for furniture and accessories in general. 2014 Collection “Provocazioni Sirca”, displayed into Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan, is the first of a series of initiatives that Sirca wants to promote, to emphasize the importance of colour in design.

The series of topcoats are characterised by high quality and ease of application, and want to reproduce cement, rust and velvet special effects. To receive the low or high resolution copies please contact your agent or area manager.

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The durability is the main aspect to consider when outdoor furniture and joinery have to be painted. Atmospheric agents, smog, solar radiation and microorganisms present in nature determine a slow but inexorable degradation of a natural material such as wood, that when used as a material for doors, windows, shutters, window frames, garden furniture, decking, etc., must be properly protected. The water based products are preferred for this purpose since they are able, com­pared to solvent based products mainly used in the past, to effectively protect the wood structure by decreasing the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Using SIRCA water based products line, the beauty and quality of the wood are properly exploi­ted, allowing this valuable material to compete with the increasing use of alternative polymeric materials, such as PVC and aluminium.

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The painting of the wood sometimes requires a proper pre-treatment of the surface with the application of accessory products, in order to make it suitable to achieve an optimal final result. Aquafil, Sirca water based monocomponent paste fillers allow to achieve the best final result with ease and rapidity, respecting the environment, after cleaning and drying of the surface to be treated. It is a series of ready to use, odourless, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous paste fillers, which allow a firm anchor to any substrate. These products are characterised by good sanding, low shrinkage, minimum absorption and optimal light stability.

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Marine line

Vessels and boats production was for years the leading sector for resins manufacturers. Different nature of polyester resins were developed for marine use, orthophtalic, dcpd, isophtalic and vinylester ones, with different mechanical characteristics. Sirca range of products includes a wide range of polyester adhesives, with and without fibreglass, and bonders used to join expanded materials. The importance of design phase in the marine industry has generated a fast system for moulds production, Sirca easymould system, which includes gelcoats, skin coats, barrier coats and filled resins. Excellences of this system are surely the quickness of execution and the high wetting of the resin, which allows material savings. The package of marine products is completed with a high performance clear coating system for interiors.

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D’AQUA SIRCA is the brand of completely water-based colours and paints to varnish, renovate and maintain both the interior and the exterior of living spaces.

With D’AQUA SIRCA you can obtain a professional yield, even if you are not an expert !
People painting with D’AQUA SIRCA respect themselves and the environment by reducing the emission of organic volatile compounds (COV) in the atmosphere by 95% compared to the use of solvent based paints and grant a high professional quality.

They are guaranteed by Sirca, a 30-year-old Company working in the field of professional paints.
With D’AQUA SIRCA the yield is perfect, the wood is cared, the environment is healthy.