Sirca designs training courses based on the specific needs of the market. Training is one of the tools to increase company productivity by acting directly on the first resource: the people, their skills and their creativity. Sirca accompanies its collaborators in lifelong learning courses for updating and continuous growth.

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Training is one of the tools to promote the productivity of companies, acting directly on their first resource: the people

The training activities carried out in the “Sirca ACADEMY” courses aim to form collaborators, technicians and applicators about products, technical innovations and results achieved by Sirca Research & Development.
The main target of “Sirca ACADEMY” is to increase the skills of the collaborators, adapting them to the needs of the production world and of our customers, through a technical, theoretical and practical training, which ranges from the chemical fundamentals to the painting systems of our products.

“Sirca CAMPUS” is the space where new professionals are trained and is proposed as a reference point for the technical and human training of people who choose to increase their production performance. In the “Sirca CAMPUS” courses, technical, commercial and marketing concepts will be provided which will allow the development of competences and professionalism, useful for excelling in a constantly evolving market such as chemistry and coatings.

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The only competitive advantage that an organization has over its competitors is the ability to learn faster than Others.

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