Always careful to customer satisfaction, in addition to offering technically performing and quality products for painting wood, plastic, glass and metal, we work every day to improve our customer services..

We offer technical training services, product customization, sales and post-sales services, technical and logistic support and assistance.

sirca showroom


We are not just paint suppliers, we want to be considered as reliable and efficient partners able to manage and satisfy requests that can bring a real advantage to the activities and development of our customers’ market.Through the integration of products and services we offer complete solutions, from the commercial order to the shipment of the goods, optimizing all the logistic activities to make the shipment fast and flawless.Packaging, storage and shipping: our know-how and our technicians are at the service of the end customer.


The beating heart of Sirca, it brings together over 50 collaborators including researchers, technicians, engineers and quality control personnel. The foundation necessary to compete in the present and future market, the “Research and Development” Division of Sirca daily studies emerging technologies and chemical innovations in the coating sector, to design and develop new or existing products, in order to make them technologically advanced, technically performing and aesthetically valuable.


We are available to share with customers, both prospective and potential, all the information and advice necessary for a high level Pre and Post Sales experiences. Our technicians and sales officials, thanks to their many years of experience in the sector, will be happy to provide customers with daily support for each purchase phase, from the choice of the most suitable product to the needs, to the suggestions for use of the product itself, up to the management and application also of special products.


Sirca periodically organizes internal training courses. Academy and Campus are business schools, which provide know-how, values, and strategies for the professional growth of technicians, salesmen and applicators. The courses can be oriented to the development of the skills of internal staff or open up to the training of technical and commercial personnel of customers, dealers or distributors: an outstanding tool to increase their skills.