The desire to always propose the best solution to any customer request, are the engines that push us to go further, to overcome the limits of the existing, offering more and more.

Sirca S.p.A. is an ISO9001: 2015 certified company and our paints meet the strictest standards and certificates, guaranteeing superior quality to all our products.

Sirca can

The GLASS line consists of two-component polyurethane pigmented topcoats, and it is suitable for painting glass parts commonly used in the field of furniture, doors and kitchens. Clear and white converters are available to achieve [...]


The WETRO line consists of mono-component water-based pigmented topcoats , and it is suitable for painting parts in glass commonly used in the field of furniture, doors and kitchens . Clear and white converters are [...]


PWC is a line of water based wood coatings for exterior suitable for painting PVC, a normally rigid and non-deformable polymeric material which, when suitably modified, becomes flexible and mouldable. In the last decade [...]


IMPREGNATING AGENTS FOR WOOD: Water or synthetic base, they are products suitable for the preliminary treatment of the wood before the application of the coating system. They are generally tinted, their function is to preserve [...]


SOLVENTBORNE COATINGS FOR EXTERIOR: Two-component clear and pigmented matt polyurethane or acrylic paints suitable for painting doors, windows, garden furniture and wooden structures in general. They are particularly suitable for painting exotic or tannin-rich essences [...]


WATERBORNE COATINGS FOR EXTERIOR:  Mono-component clear and pigmented matt acrylic coatings suitable to coat doors, windows, garden furniture, decking and wooden structures in general. All Sirca outdoor waterborne paints protect the wood effectively against atmospheric [...]


UV COATINGS FOR INTERIOR: Solvent-based, water-based or 100% solid content coatings, applicable with common technologies used in the sector. They are applicable on furniture in general, furnishings and flooring. They allow to significantly increase the [...]


SOLVENTBORNE COATINGS FOR INTERIOR: Clear and pigmented, matt and glossy two-component coatings suitable to paint furniture in general and furnishing accessories. Applicable with common technologies used in the sector, they dress the furniture making it [...]


WATER-BASED PAINTS FOR INTERIOR: Clear and pigmented, matt and high gloss coatings suitable for painting furniture in general and furnishing accessories. Applicable with common technologies used in the sector, they effectively protect the furniture from [...]


RESINS: Sirca self-produces basic resins suitable for the production of wood and metal paints, adhesives for wood, technological resins and gelcoat, of different nature.

Products of our brands

In addition to the items listed above, the Sirca spa group offers a wide range of products thanks to its brands. Each brand shares growth standards and objectives with Sirca.



Polistuc, founded in 1972, produces with passion and experience coatings for metal and wood suitable for different applications. The Polistuc Metal division specializes in products for iron and metal, merging the production of metal and anti-corrosion coatings into a single company.Polistuc Wood division instead specializes in the production of UV coatings for wood.
More information on: www.polistuc.it



Technogel produces and sells gelcoats and technological resins for the composite sector, where it has established itself in terms of quality and service. The constant commitment in research allows the company to offer customers cutting-edge technological solutions. Modern plant solutions allow production to achieve very high quality levels both as objective results and as a constancy of technical characteristics. www.technogel.org

D'AQUA Sirca


D’AQUA SIRCA is the dedicated line for the “do-it-yourself”, it includes paints for wood and iron, suitable for painting and maintenance of both interior and exterior of living spaces. Even those who are not experts can achieve a professional performance by painting with D’AQUA SIRCA. With D’AQUA SIRCA perfect yield and healthy environment. www.daquasirca.com