Cleaning and hygiene are basic aspects of everyone’s lifestyle, especially in the environments in which we live every day.
This aspect leads us to consider the healthiness of domestic environments as fundamental, and therefore also the furnishings included therein, such as floors, windows, doors, furniture and furnishings. The possibility to complete your home with elements painted with sanitizing special coatings is a plus to which Sirca lends great importance: Sirca has therefore developed, in its R&D  laboratories, HygienePlus, a series of additives containing sanitizing microparticles, active in reducing up to 99.9% the bacterial contamination of surfaces. These additives can be added easily and without any side effect in waterborne and solvent-borne wood coatings, dedicated to all furniture, windows, doors and flooring in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms, either in clear or pigmented versions. HygienePlus makes all the painted wooden substrates efficient allies against bacterial proliferation.