Product Description

Sirca + is a set of coating systems that can be guaranteed up to ten years,  that includes acrylic waterborne coatings  for wood for exterior use, suitable for painting windows  and doors. These are single-component products formulated with special additives that in particular provide an optimal shield against the degenerative action of solar radiation. The products contained in the Sirca + application systems are part of the Idrocolor line.

Product details

  • Available packaging: 25 kg / 5 kg

  • Monocomponent: Yes

  • Available gloss levels: 20, 30 and 50 gloss


Technical specs

The line of products for coating systems clear and pigmented  for exterior Sirca + includes products of acrylic nature, waterborne, which are applied to the treated wooden substrates with a waterborne impregnating agent suitable for the essence to be painted and the application system. They are single-component coatings  that provide an optimal aesthetic result. They are resistant to solar radiation , are breathable and show excellent scratch and block resistances. They are easily maintained with products of the Idrocolor and D’AQUA lines, and thanks to these the coating systems are guaranteed up to ten years .

The lasting of this guarantee depends on the system applied, which always includes the application of a coat of primer, a sealer and one or two topcoats.

Coating systems

Sirca + coating systems for exterior can be pigmented and clear. The pigmented ones are the set of multiple products that includes a colorless impregnating agent formulated with additives that prevent the graying of the wood, a white sealer and a single component matt pigmented topcoat. They can be easily customized depending on the desired shade or level of opacity. The clear systems are the set of multiple products that includes a tinted impregnating agents (with customizable shades) formulated with additives that prevent the graying of the wood, a colorless primer and a single-component matt clear topcoat, tinted in order to increase its resistance even more. They can be easily customized according to the desired level of opacity.