The environmental and managerial certifications help the quality of the enterprises and the innovation, push the exports, the employment and they direct to the green economy. The report “Certifying to compete” by the Symbola and Cloros Foundation reveals this.

Sirca SpA is certified in 2021 either in the quality field (ISO9001), or in the Environmental field (ISO14001) or in the Safety field (ISO45001, ex OHSAS 18001), adding a voluntary self-control and accountability tool for a company organization, aimed at continuous improvement in terms of quality, environmental impact, health and safety protection in the workplace.

The ISO9001: 2015 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, that is the Quality Management System, has the primary purpose to achieve customers satisfaction with the products and services provided, as well as the continuous improvement of company performances.

The ISO14001: 2015 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, that is the Environmental Management System has the purpose to pursuit continuous improvement of its environmental performances. The ISO 14001: 2015 management system allows to the certified Company to guarantee to external parties not only that they have complied with the legal provisions on environmental matters, but that they have an environmental policy, environmental objectives and strategies aimed at continuous improvement.

The ISO 45001: 2018 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, that is the Occupational Safety Management System (SGLS), has the purpose is to achieve the objectives of health and safety at work, through the maximization of benefits and the reduction of costs and continuous improvement of the levels of health and safety at work.