One of the rapidly growing trends in the interior furniture sector is undoubtedly the anti-reflective and ultra matt effects, achieveble using clear or pigmented coatings with reduced dirt retention and a strong anti-fingerprint effect. OWBX45, inclueded in Zerogloss line, identifies a series of bicomponent waterborne topcoats suitable for painting furniture components, flat parts and kitchen doors.

It has an exceptional softness to the touch, excellent scratch resistance and excellent chemical resistances which, combined with the characteristics of extreme opacity and anti-reflection, make it perfect for modern and hi-tech furniture and furnishing accessories. It can also be pigmented with the pastes of the PNW series included in the Color Passion tinting system, in order to achieve the desired final color. It is suitable for manual and automated applications; the evaporation of water, as well as at room temperature, can be carried out using both vertical and horizontal ovens, possibly including IR lamps.