The wood coating is increasingly using of advanced UV systems technology, in order to improve the performance, decrease the energy consuption, COV and greenhouse gasses emissions. In recent years, to the common UV coating lines, are advancing some innovative solutions which use alternative reticulation systems with LED lamps. The advantages of this technology can be resumed as follows:

High energy saving, considered the low number of KW needed for the coating reticulation
Decrease of ozone emissions and low environmental impact
Immediate ON-OFF switching, so it is not needed a cooling process
System without infrared emmissions, therefor there is no heat transmission to the substrate, resulting in decrease of yellowing of the substrate and the coating system

In order to developing technologically leading products, Sirca daily cooperates with some of the most important manufacturers of industrial coating systems, with which are tested special systems and their mechanical, physical and chemical proprieties. The wood coating applied on this production lines must have particular chemical features. For this purpose, Sirca has developed a specific products range which combines an high aesthetic quality with high technical performances. From this collaboration was borne the new UVO610G series, a clear matt UV top coats series with 100% of solid content, characterized by an optimal reactivity to the UV-LED sources, a good soft feel and uniform opacity.
Particularly relevant are the clearness, the surface hardness and the open grain definition.