The mass production of panels and flat parts of furniture and furnishing accessories very often makes use of UV cross-linking technology, capable of completely drying the coated element at the end of the production line and allowing it to be packaged. Using this technology means a considerable energy consumption and the formation of ozone as a side product of the operation of the line itself, thus making it necessary to treat the fumes. Sirca’s R&D laboratory formulated a series of topcoats that do not require traditional high-power UV lamps, but use ultra-modern LED lamps which, being “cold” light, significantly reduce energy consumption and therefore costs of management of the production line. The use of LED lamps also allows to:

  • allocate electricity to other equipment
  • do not observe any drop in yield until the end of the life of the lamps
  • avoid treatment of processing fumes
  • low temperature crosslinking, with less stress on the paint film and painted substrates
  • saving time to switch the line on and off
  • greater safety for line users

Responsible production today is not a necessity, it is a duty. Contact Sirca Technical Assistance for more information.