WWO82G identifies a series of high-performances waterborne UV matt topcoats, in particular, thanks to the innovative resins used, they are suitable for protecting the artifacts that furnish our kitchens, as they offer exceptional chemical-physical performances according to the UNI EN 12720: 2013 (Surface resistance to cold liquids), UNI EN 15187: 2007 (Resistance to light), UNI EN ISO 2409: 2020 (Cross-cut test), UNI 9300: 2020 (Determination of the tendency of surfaces to retain dirt), UNI EN 15186: 2012 met.B (Resistance to scratching), UNI EN 12721: 2013 (Resistance of surfaces to wet heat), UNI EN 12722: 2013 (Resistance of surfaces to dry heat) regulations. Please contact Polistuc Technical Support for more information.