Doors and windows

Sirca presents its lines of coatings for wooden doors and windows, which offer excellent guarantees of durability and aesthetic quality over time. Our products protect the wood support as the combination of UV filters and pigments prevent the yellowing and degradation of the paint film.


Coatings for doors and windows



S-COVER is a line of water-based wood coatings for interior and exterior, formulated with raw materials PLANT BASED. The S-COVER product […]



Idrocolor is the range of exterior coatings ideal for garden furniture, decking, frames, and wooden structures. Single-component, it allows to adequately protect the coated […]


Coatings for PVC

PWC is a line of water based wood coatings for exterior suitable for painting PVC, a normally rigid and non-deformable polymeric material which, when suitably modified, […]


Sirca 4ALL

Sirca 4ALL is a selection of coating systems that include solvent based acrylic wood coatings  for exterior, suitable for painting of garden furniture, doors and […]


Sirca Aeternum

Sirca AETERNUM is a set of coating systems that can be guaranteed up to twenty years that use acrylic water based products highly performing for wood, suitable […]


Sirca +

Sirca + is a set of coating systems that can be guaranteed up to ten years,  that includes acrylic waterborne coatings  for wood for exterior use, suitable […]